Composite Veneer Course

Participants in this hands-on 2-day composite veneer course will learn and practice the step-by-step application of cosmetic veneers to beautifully restore the smile line.

The course content that is provided can help ANYONE from a new graduate to a veteran of the field. The way the content is organized allows it to be done non invasively with no medication, anesthesia and no shaving of the natural teeth. The production value is as good as any smile designs out there.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Create a simple-esthetic veneer
  2. Create a functional occlusion
  3. Produce a large case of composite resin veneers in one day

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Day One
  1. Proper sanitation and infection control procedures
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of composite resin
  3. Proper candidates for composite veneers
  4. Material selection, preparation design, & layering protocols, step-by-step composite resin veneering
  5. Understanding what makes a smile look esthetic
  6. Learn facial esthetics concepts that you need to consider when doing smile makeovers
  7. How to help patients understand the limitations of treatment
  8. Composite placement and sculpting
  9. Tinting and opaquing
  10. Smile design
  11. Composite layering strategies
  12. Contouring and Polishing
  13. The 6 tooth cosmetic veneer case
Day Two
  1. How to accomplish a thin, natural-looking veneer with tints and opaquers
  2. Watch and interact with instructor building an esthetic veneer live
  3. Finish, polish and texturize veneers
  4. Technique to maximize the use and longevity of composite veneers
  5. How to handle difficult or large cases
  6. How long will my cases last?
  7. Maintenance and guarantee of cosmetic veneers
  8. Continued: Practice with the same materials as you creates a beautiful and natural smile with composite
  9. Practice the finishing and polishing protocol to achieve a luster that will last for years
  10. Photography tips and tricks to sell your cosmetic cases

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